Wooden Guest Tower, Hurdal


Wooden Guest Tower in Hurdal Økolandsby, Norway’s first Ecovillage, photographed 4 years after construction for the architects who built it. The facade’s untreated wood is aging beautifully. The building was built in occasion of the first Bærekraftfestivalen - Sustainable Valley Festival in 2015, and now is the base for hosting temporary functions such as guest rooms, mini offices and micro workshops.

Architects: Arch. Luca Negrini, Arch. Inga Hegdahl Eggen, Arch. Marte Nødtvedt SkjæggeStad, Arch. Meng Nan Zhang, Arch.Matilda Wallsten, Arch. Jor Jacobsen, Arch. Arild Eriksen and BAS - Bergen Arkitekthøgskole.